Parks and Gardens Range

CTD offers a wide range of crop-spraying and dosage equipment for the maintenance of parks and gardens (weeding, watering), treatment of trees, maintenance of streets and urban furniture (disinfection, deodorisation, high-pressure washing), industrial spraying (treatment of roofs, building maintenance, pest control, etc.), and disinfection.

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Garden Range

CTD, a key partner of the EXEL group, markets sprayers for gardens or for professional use, accessories and spare parts for the main brands in the EXEL group: Laser, Berthoud, Cooper Pegler & Tecnoma, and watering accessories for the Hozelock brand.

CTD has a very wide range of spare parts permanently in stock and provides fast repair service for the general public and professionals.

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Fire Range

CTD is the European leader in automatic foam dosing systems for firefighting. The CTD systems (Cameleon, Salamandre, Triton, etc.) can be used with all types of foam concentrates and additives.

They facilitate interventions in case of fire. These systems are designed to be accurate, reliable, to save time on intervention and also water and foam consumption.

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